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Our Clients

All of our courses (Webinars and In-person Seminars) can be customized to your company's specific processes, and can be held in-person or on the web (virtual seminars). If you cannot find what you need in our current library of trainings, we can design, develop and deliver original courses to address your organization's unique compliance training needs:

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Look what our clients have to say:

Onsite Training conducted for Risk Management Topic:

"Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) is fairly new field. There's not a lot of guidance on how to establish an ERM system, and what defines best practices and a mature ERM system. We've conducted some of our own research and implemented an ERM system that we think will work for our company and culture, but also desired to have an external, objective expert provide guidance based on his/her experience.
ComplianceOnline offered in-house training by an individual who was highly experienced with Risk Management, understood organizational challenges with implementing ERM, and also had experience with compliance and internal assurance requirements.

The instructor far exceeded our expectations. The time she spent at our company was a cross between training and consulting. As we addressed each training topic, we were able to have discussions with the instructor about how our company was approaching that area, learn the pro's and con's of our approach, and we were given some alternative methods for consideration. The time and financial commitments to the training were well worth it.

Our ComplianceOnline representative, provided outstanding customer service. Scheduling and coordination with the trainer went very smoothly, especially considering we had to move the training date due to Hurricane Sandy.

Based on our experience with this training, we will definitely consider ComplianceOnline for future training needs and I would highly recommend ComplianceOnline to friends and co-workers."

- Director, Risk Management, SRC Inc.

Onsite Training conducted on the topic EU Regulations on Medical Devices:

"The training was extremely valuable to our team. We benefitted from the instructor's vast domain of knowledge. I appreciate your efforts in this matter. I would recommend ComplianceOnline to other colleagues and will keep you in mind for future training needs."

- Research Scientist, Fenwal Inc.

Onsite Training conducted for Risk Management Topic:

"We were looking for an extensive training setup to provide statistical groundwork for employees who are likely to be exposed to statistical planning and analysis in their work environment. Most of the time, employees will be uninterested in trying to understand the statistical data and seem to easily accept the data without any questions. By providing this training, it may help employees feel more confident and start asking questions. We found the course topics to be similar to what we want and it was great that ComplianceOnline was flexible and modified the course according to our needs.
We feel that we have achieved our objectives. Our employees seemed satisfied with what they learned from the class. ComplianceOnline was responsive and flexible. We will for sure consider ComplianceOnline for our future training needs."

- Director, Project Management, SIGA Technologies, Inc.

Onsite Training conducted on the topic "GLP for Medical Devices":

"The training went very well. The instructor was very accommodating to our needs and level of experience with GLP training, and aligning her presentations and the agenda of the day accordingly. She provided expert opinions on challenging questions with regards to the interpretation of GLP regulations. The training definitely met expectations"

- Principal Research Scientist, Abbott Vascular

2-day onsite Training conducted on the topic "Medical Device Risk Management"

"We were looking to train a set of Research assay developers in Risk Management to enable them to properly develop under QSR inshort a comprehensive program that was customizable to our needs. The objectives were met and exceeded. ComplianceOnline was very helpful in organizing the course and for sure I will prefer ComplianceOnline for our future training needs."

- Senior Director of Business and System Development, Wako Lifesciences

Please email your training requirements at [email protected] or select from below listed most popular courses which can be conducted as On-site Training: