Laboratory Procedure for Determining Hydroxide and Carbonate in KOH

Procedure for determining carbonate and hydroxide in KOH solution

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Procedure for determining carbonate and hydroxide in KOH solution.

  1. This procedure is used to test KOH samples from production and 45% KOH samples from barrels as a receiving/inspection (R&I) operation.
  2. The percent hydroxide concentration and carbonate content of potassium hydroxide and sodium hydroxide solutions can be determined by titrating a solution sample with standard acid.
  3. The procedure should be repeated to ensure there are 2 samples tested from each sample bottle of production KOH turned into the chemistry lab.
  4. Special care must be taken in sampling to obtain a representative sample and to avoid absorption of water and carbon dioxide.

It Provides information on:

  1. Purpose of Process
  2. Equipment
  3. Materials
  4. Preparations
  5. Safety Requirements
  6. Operator Responsibilities
  7. Process Controls
  8. Workmanship

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