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A company's success is directly related to how well it masters the basics of its business. These BASICS provide the foundation for optimizing system and process results. Without a tenacious execution of these BASICS, there's no way a company will reach its full growth and earnings potentials. EVER!


  • Do you want to transform visions into reality?
  • Are you tired of ineffective performance measurements?
  • Do you want to eliminate the problems finger-pointing?
  • Do you desire to earn well deserved recognition and rewards?
  • Do you want to create a fun working environment?
  • Does your company want to increase speed, improve quality while reducing operating costs?
If you answered "YES" to any of these questions, you no doubt will find value for whatever time you spend reviewing the content of this web page. If you are in search of a better way to run your business, you have come to the right place. Here you will find Bill Gaw's 6-BASICS of Balanced Scorecards: 6-BASICS to achieving performance management success ... 6-BASICS that create motivational measurements that return sanity to the shop floor and raise the level of a company's bottom line performance.

Isn't it time for you and your company to:
  • Convert finger pointers into problem solvers
  • Transform work environments from drudgery to fun
  • Minimize day-to-day manufacturing stress levels
  • Master performance management
  • Optimize results from performance measurements
  • Improve speed, quality, and on-time deliveries
  • Reach your full growth and earnings potential
  • Reduce operating costs and improve bottom line
  • Gain recognition, promotions, and salary increases
Our mission is to provide you with manufacturing basics and best practices essential to anyone in pursuit of world class performance ... information that will help you and your company:
  • Become problem solvers not finger pointers
  • Transform your work environment from drudgery to fun
  • Minimize your day-to-day performance stress level
  • Master the basics of balanced scorecards
  • Gain well deserved recognition and rewards
  • Optimize the execution of your strategic plan
  • Increase speed, improve quality while reducing operating costs
  • Reach your full growth and earnings potential

Balanced Scorecards provide a practical and proven process for improving the execution of a company's strategic and tactical planning processes. They monitor the progress of plans and provide feedback for timely corrective actions should planning implementation drop below expectations. This performance management tool is perfect for monitoring and tracking MRP, ERP, lean manufacturing, and Six Sigma Programs.

Provide cost-effective, self-paced e-learning for anyone/everyone... anywhere... anytime.
Purpose: Make available performance management training without the high cost of seminars, travel expenses, and time away from the job.

Benefits :A performance management tool to help you and your company:

  • Always know where you are and where you're going
  • Eliminate the high cost of non-performance to plans
  • Reach your full growth and earnings potentials
  • Transform visions into reality
Balanced Scorecards provide the foundation for optimum execution of strategic plans. They're implemented by leading companies to increase sales, improve quality, lower costs, and deliver "A-plus" customer service at healthy profit margins.

This e-learning, Balanced Scorecards e-Tutorial will help your business teams to:
  • Understand and transform the CEO's vision into reality
  • Design, develop and implement winning benchmarking metrics
  • Overcome Balanced Scorecards objections
  • Understand and use the power of benchmarking
  • Build performance management credibility
  • Structure and deploy Balanced Scorecards
  • Exceed growth and profit expectations via continuous improvement
  • Accelerate and optimize customer satisfaction results
You may ask:

What's in it for me?

Your performance management tool will help you:
  • Become a better team leader and manager
  • Transform your work environment form drudgery to fun
  • Minimize your team's day-to-day stress levels
  • Understand and master manufacturing basics and best practices
  • Gain recognition, promotions, and salary increases

What's in it for my company?
Your performance management tool will help your team:

  • Optimize MRP/ERP and lean manufacturing success
  • Increase speed, improve quality, and reduce costs
  • Put and end to costly end-of-the-month scrambling
  • Eliminate the high cost of shop floor chaos
  • Increase team contribution to company's "bottom line."

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