Laboratory Quality and Safety Regulatory Compliance Training - Live Webinars, Recordings & CDs

Laboratory Accreditation: Getting there is Just the Beginning

webinar-speaker   Michael Brodsky

webinar-time   60 Min

Product Id: 703285

This training on laboratory accreditation will focus on ISO/IEC 17025 requirements. Attendees will learn how to develop and maintain a quality management system to ensure compliance with the international laboratory accreditation standard.

Recording Available

* Per Attendee $249


Eliminate the Confusion - Analytical Method Qualification and Validation

webinar-speaker   Melissa Smith

webinar-time   60 Min

Product Id: 702314

This webinar will help you understand the significant differences between qualification and validation of an analytical method, the expectations and requirements of each, and their place in the analytical method lifecycle.

Recording Available

* Per Attendee $229


Proficiency Testing: How to Pass with Flying Colors and What to Do If You Don't

webinar-speaker   Barry Craig

webinar-time   60 Min

Product Id: 701419

This Proficiency testing (PT) training/webinar for CLIA will explain the rules of PT testing, the PT testing "danger zones", and CLIA's stance on PT referral and also gives tips and techniques to assure good PT performance.

Recording Available

* Per Attendee $299


Importance of Method Validation Protocols and components of MVP in the Laboratory

webinar-speaker   Brian Jones

webinar-time   27 Min

Product Id: 701689

Learn method validation protocol components and how to include MVPs in your lab performance testing.

Recording Available

* Per Attendee $249


Handling OOS Test Results and Failure Investigations

webinar-speaker   Dr. Ludwig Huber

webinar-time   75 Min

Product Id: 701526

This OOS Webinar training will discuss how to handle OOS situations, requirements of ICHQ7A for APIs and how to develop CAPA plans, how to use checklists and forms and how to develop FDA compliant OOS documentation.

Recording Available

* Per Attendee $399


Best Practices in GLP Final Reporting and Study Closure

webinar-speaker   Anne E Maczulak

webinar-time   60 Min

Product Id: 701091

This GLP (Good Laboratory Practices) webinar reviews the process of closing a study by preparing a final report and managing all records and specimens in a proper manner.

Recording Available

* Per Attendee $299













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